is a contemporary digital gallery, showcasing the latest art trends into uncommon art pieces.

We specialise and are experts in Acrylic Glass with over 20 + years of experience in the industry. We are continuously innovating and showcasing contemporary pieces in our gallery.

We proudly look forward to keep expanding our products portfolio with always new innovative ideas.

Why Acrylic Boards and Prints?

Acrylic glass provides a unique clarity of image and depth perception which makes the art piece pop! When combined with the shape of a skateboard the art piece breaks down social barriers and is a symbol for freedom

At Dekorway we believe that working or living into an art oriented environment, increases creativity and motivation into your everyday life.

All of our designs are made by our in-house COSID design team unless marked otherwise.

“Dekorway exists to bring some art and fashion into your life”

Craftsmanship is an essential cornerstone upon which we pride ourselves on and customer satisfaction is how we assess and ensure we maintain this belief.

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